Explore Incident Report Data

Use this dashboard to explore the report data!

Any filters you apply to the charts or the map will affect the output of all the visualizations.

To get started, try this example query:

  1. Zoom in to your city on the map
  2. Click on the bars labelled 'Collisions' and 'Nearmisses' on the 'Total reports by type' chart
  3. Click and drag over 'Mon-Fri' on the 'Reports summary by weekday' to select the workweek
  4. Highlight the last few years on the Incidents per Month chart to get the most recent results
Then review the combined results of your selection!

Use the 'reset' buttons on each chart to remove individual filters, or 'reset all' to undo all your filtering. Happy exploring!

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Total reports by type
Reports summary by weekday
Number of incident by hour of day